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Piano Tuning

Royal Pianos employ the best piano tuners for both concert hire and our clients’ general tuning needs. Our tuners are registered with ‘Piano Tuner Association’ (PTA) and in addition constantly update these skills with training courses by Bosendorfer.


To voice a piano is to adjust the quality of the sound. This is done by changing the density of the piano hammers.  In short, if the piano felt is tightened the tone sounds brighter and if the piano hammers are loosened the tone is sweeter.

Mechanism Regulation:

The mechanics of a piano require periodic adjustment to compensate for the affects of use, the compactness of the parts, settlement of the felts and the changes in the wood due to weather conditions. Therefore, adjustments are made to regulate the piano.

Thereafter, the frequency of regulation will depend on the amount of use.

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