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Piano Disc fits virtually any piano.

Player Piano Systems PianoCD, iQ, 228CFX and Opus7

Ten good reasons for choosing PianoDisc.

      1. 1. PianoDisc fits into virtually any piano, grand or upright and new or used.  You may select the piano which you would like to become your player piano.

        2. PianoDisc uses the SilentDrive Technologie. Silent Drive’s patented technology allows more precise dynamic control of the piano’s keys and pedals. The result is greater fidelity, expression and unparalleled low volume control.

        3. PianoDisc plays the largest selection of music e.g. more than 4000 titles out of the PianoDisc music library, the whole Diskette Music Library for Yamaha Disklavier, Standard MIDI-Files in Format 0  plus music offered by other manufacturers.

        4. PianoDisc plays for hours without exchanging a disk. Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants. PianoDisc is the only manufacturer offering a 64MB memory chip including 35 hours pre-programmed music a an option for it’s player piano systems. Using this chip the system can play, far more than 35 hours e.g. in a hotel lobby without ever exchanging a disk.

        5. PianoDisc is the only player piano system offered by the most prestigious piano brands of the world right out of their factory e.g. Steinway & Sons, Schimmel, Fazioli, Bechstein etc..

        6. Expandable, even years after the original purchase. The PianoDisc system can, even after the original purchase, be expanded by various options.

        7. Always up to date. The PianoDisc player piano systems can be updated by a Software update or if necessary by a hardware update. Using this possibility the system stays up to date.

        8. The installation of a PianoDisc player piano system causes the smallest possible change in the existing grand or upright piano, especially regarding let off, touch and design.

        9. PianoDisc comes with maximum compatibility to General MIDI (e.g. PianoDisc 228CFX-S 100%).

        10. 5 Year Warranty covers all parts of the player piano systems.

    To obtain your own personalized quotation, or to find out if your piano is compatible with the system, please contact: