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  • Piano Bösendorfer Audi

    • €215.990,00
    • Piano Bösendorfer Audi
    Piano Bösendorfer Audi
    Piano Bösendorfer AudiPiano Bösendorfer AudiPiano Bösendorfer AudiPiano Bösendorfer Audi

    Características del Piano - Piano Features

    Fabricante/ Manufacturer:


    Modelo/ Model:



    Negro Pulido / Black Polished

    Medidas Disponibles/ Dimensions:



     10 años / 10 Years


    Audi design
    Touching in sound. Exceptional in shape. The Bösendorfer grand by Audi design. See what happens when Bösendorfer collaborates with 
    Audi, the distinguished German automobile manufacturer.

    Tradition and innovation combined

    With the premier of the Audi design grand to a global audience in July 2009 for the 100th anniversary of the German automobile manufacturer, Bösendorfer followed the formal and color language of the brand with the four rings. 

    "We had respect for the challenge of making a new design for such a sensitive instrument,” says Wolfgang Egger, design director for Audi. The Audi Design Center team in Munich set itself the task of dressing a concert grand in Audi garb.

    The Audi design grand continues the Viennese piano manufacturer's long tradition: dressing the purest sound in innovative design.
    Perfect in form and beauty, the new Audi design grand wows music lovers and designers alike.
    Closed side rim of the bass

    The most striking feature of the new Bösendorfer grand is the closed side rim of the bass. It not only lends the instrument unusual presence and stability, it also allows it to project the bass more strongly into the auditorium. The liberal surfaces make for a clear shape; there are no ornaments, and the edges and lines are sharply defined. The lid extends optically all the way down to the floor (it integrates seamlessly into the leg). For this complex lid shape, Bösendorfer has developed a custom press mold that is unique in piano manufacturing.

    Please, visit the inauguration concert video: